Finally...A Tried and Tested Method That Heals ANY Type of Psoriasis in 8 Weeks or Less

Discover how you can naturally get long-lasting relief from your Psoriasis in 2 months without resorting to drugs and Over-The-Counter medicine with bad long-term side effects

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What if your Psoriasis was gone forever?

Imagine starting your day without checking the mirror for recent flare-ups. No red, dry and inflamed patches of skin, and no painful joints.

You put on the work clothes you want because you can. You don’t have to spend hours looking for clothes that will hide and conceal your psoriasis from others.

You commute to work without having to endure the awkward and embarrassing stares. No more explaining to strangers about Psoriasis, and you don’t have to recite the “explanation” script you’ve perfected over the years.

You get to work and you greet your coworkers with a great big smile, and confidently look them straight in the eye. You sit at your office desk without enduring the impossible itch that comes with Psoriasis. Even the sound of scratching — and the flakes that come from all that itching — is embarrassing.

You went through the day without worrying about the traces of flakes that you have to keep hiding off your desk. No more people talking behind your back about how “dirty” you are because of your “bad hygiene.” No more carrying the doctor’s letter around to explain that you are not “contagious.”

You clock out of work to meet your date. You spend the evening without having to explain your condition all over again, and you enjoy yourself, you have a great night.

No embarrassing explanations, no awkward moments trying to explain to your date that your skin condition is not contagious, whilst hoping they won’t freak out.

You go home knowing that your in control, you’re confident, and your happy.

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Can you have this “Psoriasis-Free” day for the rest of your life?

You’ve had to deal with the painful and embarrassing problems caused by Psoriasis. You try to hide it every day but you know this lifestyle won’t hold up for long.

At this point, you have tried everything you’ve encountered in an attempt to cure your Psoriasis. You’ve followed strict diets, used costly drugs and medicine, read books and articles on Psoriasis, and you’ve gone through countless exhausting visits to your doctor.

You’re in this position because:

✔️ Nothing happened despite your best efforts.
✔️ It worked for a while, but the Psoriasis came back.
✔️ Your condition has worsened.

But here’s the truth:

It’s not your fault.

Most people suffering from Psoriasis don’t realize that the information they’ve acquired and treatments they’ve tried were either outdated or ineffective. In fact, everything you’ve used in an attempt to get rid of Psoriasis has been doomed for failure.

As a result, you’re needlessly feeling miserable and hating on yourself…

Today, you’re one step closer to solving your Psoriasis problems forever.

The Secret to Healing Psoriasis Finally Revealed

Hi, I’m Jay Earle Eyears and I’m 45 years of age. I’m a Psoriasis survivor and now a Certified Detoxification Specialist through the International School of Regenerative Detoxification and a Certified Sunfired Foods Raw Food Chef.

Here’s what you need to know:

I discovered the secret to healing my Psoriasis by accident.

You see, Psoriasis first bared its ugly fangs when I was 19 years old after my grandmother died.

I was depressed and still reeling from the pain of losing one of the people I love the most. This led me to alcohol binges and high-animal protein diet which accelerated the invasion of Psoriasis on my body:

✔️ My Scalp
✔️ My Eyebrows
✔️ In and behind ears
✔️ My face
✔️ My Neck
✔️ Arms & elbows
✔️ My Legs
✔️ My Back
✔️ My Stomach
✔️ Genital area

As you can imagine, every single day was emotionally challenging for me.

And now I know — after guiding so many others to a state of healed Psoriasis — that I was quite fortunate because I’ve encountered many others who were suffering from Psoriasis symptoms that were far worse than mine ever were.

As a teenager suffering from Psoriasis, every awkward stare, every bit of unsolicited advice, and all those misguided hygiene-related comments were devastating blows to my confidence and self-esteem.

During my years in college, socializing was extremely challenging for me because my Psoriasis symptoms were at their worst on my face — the only part of my body that I can’t completely cover or conceal.


I would often think that the people who were nice to me were secretly judging the awful-looking patches on my face and body. I was always conscious and embarrassed by any flakes that would occasionally fall off when I gave in to the intense urge to scratch. 

My dating life was the most affected as I always thought:

“How would I show and explain my Psoriasis without my date freaking out and thinking I had some type of serious contagious disease?”

This problem continued through my years in the corporate world, where people would constantly question me about what was wrong with my skin, I could feel most of them were even scared to be close to me in fear that the condition was “contagious,” even if I explained it over and over that Psoriasis is not a condition that you can “catch.”

All of the doctors and skin specialists told me that Psoriasis is an incurable disease, prescribing me many different steroid creams.

Elomet was the only cream that provided some relief, but it was never enough. And like all steroid creams, Elomet came with some troubling long-term side effects.

I didn’t want just relief from Psoriasis. I wanted a full release from Psoriasis. I wanted to be free
from the clutches of this embarrassing disease.

I thought my life is doomed to repeat every single day like this until, out of nowhere, I had 4 heart attacks in 3 weeks back in 2012.

As it turns out, this was a blessing in disguise.

After surviving my most intense heart attack, I decided to take on a 100% plant-based whole food diet, which is now scientifically proven to prevent and reverse heart disease.

That’s when I discovered that this 100% plant-based whole food diet didn’t only reverse my heart disease, it also improved my Psoriasis condition!

About 1 week into the diet, I noticed my Psoriasis symptoms decreasing.

Over time and distance, my skin improved substantially but it didn’t completely heal. Not until I decided to do my first detoxification program in 2016, this is when I watched my Psoriasis “dissolve” into non-existence.

The scaly flakes are gone, the awful looking red patches are gone, the burning itch is gone, and even the pain in my joints is gone. Just like that.

After 23 years of suffering from this ordeal, I am enjoying over 2 full years of living life without Psoriasis. I am now 100% healthy and fully recovered not only from my heart disease but also my Psoriasis as well!

At first, I was hesitant when my Psoriasis was gone in less than 30 days from the detoxification

This might be a fluke. It might be just a remission.

But the days turned to weeks and quickly turned to months, and now after more than 2 years, I’m fully sure that I’m 100% free from Psoriasis!

I meticulously cataloged everything I did, including what I ate, drank and other measures that I used to heal my Psoriasis.

In fact, I tested my discovery on acquaintances who suffered from Psoriasis as well, and the results were astonishing:

After realizing that my method for healing Psoriasis actually worked, I started helping my clients with varying types of Psoriasis and here are some of their overwhelmingly positive feedback on my method’s results:

Kerry from Australia

I worked very hard to do my best and stick to Jay’s psoriasis cleanse protocol. The greatest
a reward was in how proud I was of myself for completing Jay’s psoriasis cleanse and achieving my desired result of being psoriasis free. I am most grateful for my wonderful coach Jay, for all the support, patience and help he gave me throughout the program, he did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier.

Roman from USA

I came to Jay for guidance in early 2018 to treat a moderate to severe case of psoriasis with which I had struggled for 35 years. Jay’s research-based personalized program has within 1month almost entirely cleared my stubborn case of psoriasis.

Leila from France

I have had psoriasis for 35 years! I try all the drug treatments and those also with serious side effects like biotherapies. During my vacation in Thailand I met Jay who brought me a lot! I did not finish his program for reasons of time but despite everything I had good results. I want to resume his entire program to be able to fully heal my psoriasis. Thank you Jay!

Michael from Sweden

I have suffered since my mid teens with severe psoriasis. It was bleeding and itching and I had it literally everywhere. I never took photos when it was like this and the attached photos were when it was mild as I was on medication.  I’m 41 now, and I have tried countless medications and alternative treatments with no to little effect. After many years I felt helpless and started using a newly developed medicine. It was amazing, for the first time all of my psoriasis went away. I could rest. However, I did’nt know that the medicine had severe side effects and I ended up where I was in the beginning. I got in contact with Jay through a friend who told me he could help me. I followed my heart and ended up on his detox and fasting program. It is April 23rd, 2019 and I am 44 days into Jay’s Psoriasis Cleanse. All of my psoriasis is gone except for a few small patches underneath a few of my fingernails. That’s it! The first time in almost 24 years since my skin was free of psoriasis and my heart is filled with joy.

Would you like to know what it feels like to be free from Psoriasis like my clients and I?

Today, you’re just a step away from discovering my tried and tested method that actually heals your Psoriasis. My method works whether you have:

✔️ Plaque Psoriasis
✔️ Guttate Psoriasis
✔️ Inverse Psoriasis
✔️ Pustular Psoriasis
✔️ Erythrodermic Psoriasis
✔️ Psoriatic arthritis
✔️ Nail and Scalp Psoriasis

Yes, based on my experience with helping my clients heal Psoriasis, this method really works on every type of Psoriasis, regardless of the severity and how long you’ve had it.                                  

But it all starts with you taking the first step of letting go of the belief that Psoriasis is impossible to heal naturally. It can be healed naturally and my clients and I are proof of that.                              

If we can do it, so can you!                           

The story of the 4-minute mile – There was a time when everybody held the belief that it was impossible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes?  In 1954 a man by the name of Roger Bannister shocked the world by running a mile in under 4 minutes. After that day, everybody’s beliefs had changed because it was proven to be possible. Since that day in 1954, over 1400 people have run a mile in under 4 minutes.                            

You too can do what others have told you is impossible. Change your beliefs and you will change your life!  

I welcome you to join us on this Psoriasis healing journey and I encourage you to empower yourself with the knowledge that’s necessary to heal your Psoriasis by signing up for your 1-on-1 Psoriasis consultation today.

                                                                                                              *Limited Time Offer 

Get Your Half Price 1-on-1 Psoriasis Consultation Today for $45 and Receive Your 2 FREE Gifts

I currently charge $90/hour for my consultations, but I’m offering the initial consultation at a 50% discount of $45 for a limited time.


I understand the pain of Psoriasis. Most of us who have tried everything to heal this haunting disease may have already given up on actually healing it. I want to reach out to as many people as I can to show them that there’s actually a way to heal Psoriasis and keep it that way forever.

If I’m going to price my consultation service as I should, a lot fewer people would have the opportunity to finally end the days of suffering at the hands of Psoriasis. I don’t want that to happen. My values as an ex-Psoriasis sufferer are wholeheartedly against that.

A word of warning:

I’m only offering this to those who are 100% serious and committed to healing their Psoriasis. If you’re not willing to help me help you, please don’t waste my time.

But if you’re ready to heal your Psoriasis, get your 1-on-1 consultation by filling out the form below:

Consulting Questionnaire - Step 1 of 3
Please select your type of Psoriasis
Please select what % of your body is affected by psoriasis.
Please select how long you have been suffering from psoriasis.

Would you turn down the opportunity to break free from the shackles of Psoriasis forever?

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BONUS: What You’ll Get When You Book Your FREE 1-On-1 Psoriasis Consultation Today

Just for booking a consultation call with me, I’ll even give you 2 bonuses (worth $25 each) which I’ll happily provide for you right after the call.

I’m doing this because I want every single person who’s willing to take action to get all the knowledge and help that they deserve.

Here are the 2 bonuses you’ll get right after booking a call with me:

Complete Psoriasis Detox Diet Program

The Complete Psoriasis Detox Diet Program is a simple and straight-forward meal plan designed to detoxify your body of Psoriasis-inducing toxins (acids) that are unknowingly building up in your body every single day.

It’s easy to start and easy to implement, ensuring that you can reliably continue this diet until you’re either free of psoriasis or in more severe cases, at least in control of the progression of your psoriasis symptoms.Here’s what you’ll discover from the Complete Psoriasis Detox Diet Program:

  • The 3 Levels of Detoxification achievable with diet. Choose the level you like according to your needs and preferences.
  • The complete list of foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that you can easily follow and implement right away.
  • Specific food consumption instructions that would enhance the detoxifying powers of your meal plans.


Anti-Psoriasis Food Combining Chart

Discover the simple and proper way of combining foods that would help build and strengthen your body’s natural defense against toxins (acids) and support in the efficient elimination of these toxins from your body!

What you don’t know is that there are certain food and nutrients that you should avoid while cleansing your body of toxins (acids) that trigger your Psoriasis.

Your copy of the Plant-Based Whole Food Combining Chart will show you:

  • How to avoid fermentation and putrefaction that slows down food digestion and produces toxic by-products.
  • Which food to eat alone.
  • Which food combinations to avoid.
  • The one food group that you should avoid to prevent unwanted excess mucus and digestive issues while detoxing.
  • Which food groups are not suitable for detoxification.
  • The best food groups to consume for detoxification.
  • And much, much more!

This is the exact diet program I used for myself and countless other people who have used it as part of the overall protocol that has successfully healed their psoriasis, and you’re just one call away from getting the complete list!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What would I get from the consultation?

We’ll have an in-depth discussion of your specific Psoriasis problems based on the information you’ve provided on the form. We’ll uncover your actual triggers and provide you with clear-cut strategies to avoid them and prevent them from triggering your Psoriasis again.

Then, I’ll show you how our customized program can heal your specific Psoriasis type in 8 weeks or less.

How long would the consultation last?
The consultation will range from 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of your problem and the follow-up questions.
What are your qualifications?

I’ve been suffering from Psoriasis for 23 years and I’ve been living Psoriasis-free for over 2 years.

I’m a Certified Detoxification Specialist through the International School of Regenerative Detoxification and I am  certified in Sunfired Culinary – Raw Food Art and Science.

I took both certifications to back up my method for healing Psoriasis with a scientific basis.

I’ve used this knowledge to help others heal their Psoriasis symptoms in 8 weeks or less.


Does your Psoriasis cleanse program really work?


This method is battle-tested. It went through a lot of improvements to make sure that the method works on any type of Psoriasis regardless of where it shows up, the severity, and how long the Psoriasis has been present.

This method has been tested on individuals with different gender, ethnicity, age, and fitness level. All of the tests share the same pattern: phenomenal results can be seen within 8 weeks or less.

However, the method is a meticulous process and requires your full attention and commitment for it to work. But we can all agree that this is just a small price to pay to heal your Psoriasis long-term.

Take note that Psoriasis is just like lung disease and heart disease: the problems will reoccur and worsen if you returned to an unhealthy lifestyle that gave you the disease in the first place. But this does not mean it’s an incurable autoimmune disease. This is where your doctors and skin specialists have it all wrong. Like lung disease and heart disease, Psoriasis is not ‘incurable’. It is predominantly caused by lifestyle choices, with the food you eat and drink as the primary culprit.

If you empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed lifestyle choices, you can be free of Psoriasis for as long as you want. And in my 1-on-1 consultation, I’ll show you exactly how to do that.

How do I know if my body is toxic?

Discover how toxic or how healthy your body really is by pressing the below red button and take our 1-minute Toxicity Test.