Can You Pass The Body Toxicity Test?

Discover how toxic or how healthy your body really is by taking our 1-minute test

How toxic are you really?

Here’s the truth…

All skin conditions, including Psoriasis, are mere symptoms of a deeper problem that usually goes unnoticed and rarely discussed:

The toxicity (acidity) of your body.


There are 6 ways the body absorbs and produces toxins:

  1. Through what we eat;
  2. Through what we drink;
  3. Through the air we breathe;
  4. Through what we put on our skin;
  5. Through what we think (positive/negative thoughts), and;
  6. Through how we feel (suppressed/repressed emotions, stress).


We are either building, expanding, and regenerating health…

…or we are destroying, contracting and degenerating health and vitality, causing sickness and weakness.

 You see, you can’t win a battle against an unidentified enemy.

 That’s the reason why severe skin conditions like Psoriasis are difficult to heal—we’re using a bandaid to treat a deep wound.

 It’s like taking aspirin to relieve you of constant headaches caused by a decaying tooth. The problem will never go away until you’ve identified and treated the root cause!

 And today you’re just a step away from finally uncovering the main cause of your skin condition once and for all!



Just tick the boxes that relate to your lifestyle choices:

I have taken antibiotics in my life.
I have received vaccines.
I take laxatives.
I take prescription pharmaceutical drugs.
I use headache tablets, painkillers, anti-inflammatory, and other OTC medications.
I shower and bathe in regular tap water.
I use moisturizers, body lotion, or sunscreen on my skin.
I use make-up and cosmetics.
I use antiperspirants.
I use hair dyes.
I use nail polish.
I use standard soap and detergent for cleaning my clothes.
I work with chemicals frequently or use anti-bacterial soap.
I use air fresheners in my home/bathroom.
I use standard cleaning products in my home.
I use bug spray in my home.
I use toothpaste with fluoride.
I eat animal flesh such as beef, pork, chicken and lamb and I eat seafood.
I eat animal products such as eggs and dairy that are mostly not organic.
I use artificial sweeteners such as Nutra-Sweet, Equal, or Splenda.
I drink coffee or black tea daily.
I buy and eat brand name foods that are heavily promoted on TV.
I drink carbonated drinks.
The majority of food I eat is packaged and is processed in some way.
I microwave my food and drinks regularly.
I do not drink 8 glasses of purified water every day.
I drink tap water.
I have less than two large bowel movements a day.
I swim in chlorine-treated swimming pools.
I use a mobile phone or laptop without any electromagnetic protection.
I drive in heavy traffic.
I smoke cigarettes or take recreational drugs.
I live near high-tension power lines.

Your Result:

If you ticked more than 5 boxes, then you should seriously review your current lifestyle choices and start making drastic positive changes as this is the main REAL reason why you’re suffering from severe skin conditions like Psoriasis.

“But everybody does this!”

True, but just because it’s “normal” for everybody doesn’t mean that it’s right—and it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s good for your health.

This quick test was designed with the intention of bringing awareness to the sad reality of our modern lifestyles:

We are unknowingly allowing an unhealthy amount of toxins (acids) into our body from living a so-called “normal” life.

“Then why isn’t everyone suffering from skin conditions?”

Nearly everyone does suffer. With the way we live our lives today, suffering from skin conditions is common. Most of us went through it at one point in our lives.

The severity of the skin conditions predominantly lie in the amount of toxins (acid) the body is exposed to.

In hindsight, I was unknowingly overly exposing myself to an incredible amount of toxins…

This most definitely is the case for you too.

Lucky for you, you now have the power of information working for you.

You now have the option of doing the Nimarsti Psoriasis Cleanse Program and making the necessary lifestyle changes that will help you live a healthy, fulfilling, and skin condition-free life.

As Dr. John Christopher said:

“There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”

My experience showed me that everyone has the capacity to heal themselves, but only a few are willing to make the necessary changes to heal themselves for good.

If you’re reading this, congratulate yourself.

You have finally taken the first and most important step.

Now the next move is to know what you’re going to do about it and it would be an honor to be of service to you and show you the way.

Just click on the button below to book your 1-on-1 consultation with me so I can show you the exact method I have used to help heal my client’s Psoriasis—including my own.

Don’t you think it’s time that you free yourself from Psoriasis for good?