Detoxification Pyramid

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The Nimarsti – Detoxification Pyramid is a straight-forward, comprehensive, and effective summary of the different levels of detoxification used to combat Psoriasis, Eczema, and all other skin conditions.


The Detoxification Pyramid is a tool designed to assist you in achieving high levels of healing:

These levels are based on the metabolic energy the body uses to break down and digest the food at each level. Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself, and “energy” is at the core of this healing. “Energy” or the “Destruction of Energy” results directly from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and from what we think (positive/negative thoughts) and feel (suppressed/repressed emotions; stress, etc.). We are either building health and vitality or destroying it, causing sickness, weakness and diseases such as Psoriasis and other skin conditions.


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