Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart

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The Nimarsti – Acidifying and Alkalizing Chart is a straight-forward, comprehensive, and effective​ ​food and lifestyle choices chart to combat Psoriasis, Eczema, and all other skin conditions.


What you’ll learn from your copy of t​he Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart:

  • The exact list of food to avoid and consume so you can naturally build up a
  • Defence against Psoriasis-triggering toxins.
  • The 2 Factors you should always consider before eating foods. Know this to make your food decision process 10x easier!
  • A comprehensive list of foods that are not fit for human consumption (some of the foods listed might surprise you!)
  • Become aware of how your life views and emotions can impact your psoriasis.
  • Discover the simple activities you can do today to strengthen your body’s natural defence!


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