Are You Unknowingly Consuming A Diet And Making Lifestyle Choices That Are Responsible For Triggering  Your Psoriasis?

Purchase and download The Psoriasis Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart for $12 today and know exactly which food and drinks to consume & avoid and what lifestyle choices to make so you can start building a natural defense against acidic Psoriasis-triggering toxins!

Kerry from Australia

I worked very hard to do my best and stick to Jay’s psoriasis cleanse protocol. The greatest
a reward was in how proud I was of myself for completing Jay’s psoriasis cleanse and achieving my desired result of being psoriasis free. I am most grateful for my wonderful coach Jay, for all the support, patience and help he gave me throughout the program, he did an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier.

Finally: A Straight-Forward, Comprehensive, and Effective Acidifying and Alkalizing Chart to Combat Psoriasis

What You’ll Learn From Your Copy of The Psoriasis Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart:

  • The exact list of food to avoid and consume so you can naturally build up a defense against Psoriasis-triggering toxins.
  • The 2 Factors you should always consider before eating foods. Know this to make your food decision process 10x easier!
  • A comprehensive list of foods that are not fit for human consumption (some of the foods listed might surprise you!)

  • Become aware of how your life views and emotions can impact your psoriasis.
  • BONUS: Discover the simple activities you can do today to strengthen your body’s natural defense!



Michael from Sweden

I have suffered since my mid teens with severe psoriasis. It was bleeding and itching and I had it literally everywhere. I never took photos when it was like this and the attached photos were when it was mild as I was on medication.  I’m 41 now, and I have tried countless medications and alternative treatments with no to little effect. After many years I felt helpless and started using a newly developed medicine. It was amazing, for the first time all of my psoriasis went away. I could rest. However, I did’nt know that the medicine had severe side effects and I ended up where I was in the beginning. I got in contact with Jay through a friend who told me he could help me. I followed my heart and ended up on his detox and fasting program. It is April 23rd, 2019 and I am 44 days into Jay’s Psoriasis Cleanse. All of my psoriasis is gone except for a few small patches underneath a few of my fingernails. That’s it! The first time in almost 24 years since my skin was free of psoriasis and my heart is filled with joy.

Why You Need The Nimarsti Psoriasis Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart

Hi there!

My name’s Jay and I used to suffer from Psoriasis too.

Yes, ‘used’ as in the past tense.

I had to deal with the painful and embarrassing problems caused by this skin condition that was deemed ‘impossible to be healed’… I had to wear long sleeves or sweaters even when it’s hot outside because I can’t take the painfully awkward stares and equally painful questions… I tried everything out there—pharmaceutical drugs, doctor & skin specialist-recommended treatments with little or no effect sometimes making my psoriasis worse!

That is until I accidentally healed my Psoriasis and started investigating deep into my problem and discovered the actual cause of ALL skin conditions:

Toxins (acids).

What’s even more surprising is that we unknowingly allow toxins (acids) into our body primarily through our diet. When I started eliminating the ‘toxic acid-forming’ foods from my diet and started a predominantly alkaline-rich diet, the painful symptoms of Psoriasis started to disappear. That’s why I decided to create this specific Acidifying and Alkalizing Diet and Lifestyle Chart based on the diet and lifestyle choices I followed to heal my psoriasis. 

This includes the additional knowledge I have picked up from my personal research and from my experience in coaching other psoriasis sufferers. So you could finally take the first big step towards healing your Psoriasis. Purchase and Download your copy of The Psoriasis Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart today and begin your journey towards Psoriasis freedom.

“Is Nimarsti’s Psoriasis Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart for me?”

The Psoriasis Acidifying & Alkalizing Chart works for:

  • People who are tired of not knowing what triggers their Psoriasis seemingly out of nowhere.

  • People who are sick of using pharmaceutical drugs and ointments that, in most cases, don’t work effectively and/or cause nasty unwanted long term side effects
  • People who have suffered from Psoriasis for the longest time and believe they must live with this skin condition forever
  • People who know that there’s a natural way to relieve themselves of the painful and embarrassing symptoms of Psoriasis.
  • People who suffer from Plaque Psoriasis, Guttate Psoriasis, Inverse Psoriasis, Pustular Psoriasis, Erythrodermic Psoriasis, Psoriatic arthritis, and even Nail/Scalp Psoriasis. Yes, this works for any kind of Psoriasis!
  • People who want an easy and reliable way to make more informed health-promoting diet and lifestyle choices.

Start Healing Your Psoriasis The Natural Way Today

Leila from France

I have had psoriasis for 35 years! I try all the drug treatments and those also with serious side effects like biotherapies. During my vacation in Thailand, I met Jay who brought me a lot! I did not finish his program for reasons of time but despite everything I had good results. I want to resume his entire program to be able to fully heal my psoriasis. Thank you Jay!